Welcome to Sahyog Physiotherapy

Lami Plaza, Nr. Laxmi Hotel


About Us

SAHYOG is striving to improve professional expertise regularly through regular postgraduate training and clinical education Affordable private healthcare with aim to achieve the highest quality of care, customer service for all patients Combined professional and personal approach by taking time to listen to your problems and concerns Early prevention and education of patient to effectively aid recovery as soon as possible.

Alternative treatments like Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Taping are available alongside physiotherapy Cost effective and clinically efficient treatment based on YOUR needs, lifestyle and goals, so that you are not for any unnecessary treatments.

Why Us?

Our philosophy at SAHYOG PHYSIOTHERAPY & FITNESS CENTRE is based on a holistic approach where we see our patients as individuals and view the person as a whole. Whatever your needs, our detailed assessment process will ensure that we identify the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. At SAHYOG, we look outside the box to try and find the root cause of the problem. We believe that education about your problem enables a better understanding of the problem and will ultimately ensure your recovery is better and more complete. We aim to empower you to manage your own condition and to ensure that you do not become reliant on physiotherapy.

We regularly work together as a part of a wider multidisciplinary team. Through our years of experience and a solid reputation for clinical excellence and service to match, we have developed a relationship with all specialists; ensuring direct communication and best management of your recovery including being able to recommend to you the right Specialist for your particular problem if that is what is needed. Our Physiotherapy expert skills could help in acute and persistent conditions of Spinal pain(Back, Neck and Mid-spine), sports injuries, whiplash disorders, soft tissue sprain/ strain(ligaments, muscles and tendon), nerve-related symptoms(e.g., sciatica), post-operative rehabilitation(e.g. Joint Arthroscopy/ replacement, Ligament reconstruction, Microdiscectomy/Fusion).


To keep world mobile, Sahyog Physiotherapy to be recognized in the region, state, nation and globally as an outstanding physical therapy service provider with effective and excellent outcome.


To provide multi-disciplinary aspects of physical therapy treatment that empowers and heal by combining the best scientific knowledge, friendly and efficient staff in a caring, confidential and respectful manner.